YOU could get a M.B. medal!

 "Just  for fun" BUNCH !

It appears to us that the WHOLE WORLD HAS GONE BANANAS!  So the best thing to do is join this club!  We will help keep you smiling, but you need to get your IBC card!   ​    It costs you only $10.00 (U.S.) to get your Banana Club card and a lifetime membership in this "FUN" positive club!

​SEE all EIGHT PAGES for information, then join this bunch!  GET the BANANA CLUB card that gets you discounts and special treatment when you show it with a smile on your face! It's ONLY $10.00 for those in the USA. (U.S. $only) for a lifetime membership!  No dues, no catches, no junk mail!  Just do it! 

There are thousands of members of the International Banana Club all around the world!  All kinds, young and old, people from 27 different countries.  President Reagan was a member and his title was:  P.B.(President Banana).  To the left Ken,T.B. presented an official B.C. pin to the President at a fundraiser held in Los Angeles.  Ken was there to photograph​ the President and his 150 guests. 

People from all walks of life are card carrying B.C. members because it is a GOOD BUNCH to be a part 

of!  To keep spirits up, to keep people smiling and to stay in good health is a good purpose! You can even choose a special title of your own and earn an M.B.

​or PHB degree!  (Master or Doctorate of Bananistry)

Another good thing is we do not share information and we do not send any junk mail!

PRO TV crew video of I.B.C.


Our other site is:   THE BANANA CLUB is STILL GOING STRONG!  ACTIVE!    NEW MEMBERS are WELCOME!  ​8/8/2015

Take a look at all the publicity the INTERNATIONAL Banana Club has received around the world over the past FORTY TWO years! Just go to the PUBLICITY PAGE!

​Don't believe it just watch!

The BANANA CLUB  card will keep you and those you show it to smiling!  You will get special treatment and discounts if you show it with a smile on your face and politely ask for the Banana Club discount!  

The "Bananister" family in the Altadena International Banana Club

Museum and Headquarters several years ago.. We are all still smiling and going bananas! Keep smiling! Join the club and get your card!

​​​​​​                The International Banana Club purpose is to:​ 


              Keep spirits UP!  


        Get more recognition! ,

      and stay in good health!               Thirty-eight thousand card carrying members in 27 countries ! GO TO THE MEMBERSHIP  PAGE TO BECOME A LIFETIME  MEMBER TODAY! LEARN OF THE MANY BENEFITS OF BEING A PART OF THE INTERNATIONAL BANANA CLUB!  A FUN BUNCH, and it only costs $10.00 (be time) to get the membership kit! 

Ken Bannister, T.B. (Top Banana) Founder of the International Banana Club  

THE INTERNATIONAL              BANANA CLUB     Registered trademark ™                    Since 1972   THIRTY-EIGHT  thousand card carrying members in 27 countries!