Above are participants in the CA. ORANGE COUNY FAIR.  Banana Man Ken demonstrated recipes and gave lectures on the benefits of bananas!  

To the right is Bob Perone, M.B., PhB and former owner and V.P. of the Photic Color Lab in San Diego.  Note that Bob is wearing his Master and Doctorate of Bananistry Medal at a Photic gathering.  Bob was a World War II vet, a GREAT High School Football coach, and one of the finest individuals you could have ever met. Sorry he passed in 2016.  A 30 year member with ALL honors.  

Above, T.B. Ken doing one of dozens of TV shows re: I.B.C.

Using the BANANA CLUB CARD will save you MONEY and get you the best treatment at any restaurant or  retail establishment!  All you need to do is show it with a smile on your face and ask politely and say " You take the Banana Club card right?"

One of dozens of on site TV special reporters to interview

Top Banana Ken at the Intl. Banana Club Museum

Above is the actual size and look of either the M.B. (Master of Bananistry) medal and / or the PHB (Doctor of Bananistry) medal awarded to members who accumulate the B.M.'s (Banana Merits). Again, to accumulate the merits, you simply send tasteful items to do with bananas to the B.C. Headquarters at 14012 Siesta Road, Apple Valley, CA 92307 and the T.B. acknowledges receipt & awards the Banana Merits!  YES, this is a fun bunch which offers recognition to the members only!  Remember to exercise your sense of humor daily! 

As a head baseball, coach Rich Hill has coached over 900 games at C.L.U, (California Lutheran University) U.S.F. (University of  San Francisco and  U.S.D. where he continues to set records!

The International Banana Club and museum have  been included in dozens of books over the last 44 years!

Above is a flyer by Von's/Pavilions grocery company announcing one International Banana Club event to attract new customers / involve the family & build business! We set the world record here for over 500

cases of bananas on display at this Arcadia site.


T.B. Ken presents M.B. (Master of Bananistry) and PhB (Doctor of Bananistry) medals at the IBC picnic and games.  

Above, Ken , T.B. is injecting a bit of Banana Club humor to top customers of the PHOTIC of San Diego COLOR LAB at the seminars.  Each year PHOTIC used to host hundreds of customers and treat them like Kings and Queens for their loyalty to the lab.  Thanks to Bob Perone,V.P.,M.B,PHB  (and other owners) of the Lab. Larry A. is at the left and Bob Perone at the right..Not sure if he is bending over with laughter ? or ?

Above is Mitchell C., M.B.,PHB and MASTER OF Banana Club Ceremonies

A bunch after the Pasadena "Doo Dah" parade in Pasadena, CA 

Sheri and her man show the Banana Club Woddis Hand sign!  The B.C. password is "WODDIS" ...pronounced "WOD-DIS" and used in place of hello, what's up, see ya, gotcha, OK! 

The girls compete in the "Draw and Peel" contest!  First one up with the fruit peeled without breaking wins!

The first "Woddis" Newsletter in 1977.  This was a "fun" publication sent to members of the Banana Club to announce Banana Club events and activities.

Ken, T.B. was an invited celeb to ride in the parade at the Intl. Banana Festival in Fulton, KY.

T.B. Ken telling St. Fairgoers how to "Draw and Peel"  so they could get a ribbon! Everyone got a ribbon!

Above is another I.B.C. Games competitive event !  THE  "BANANA LOFT" like the old egg toss!

Above is the "Pass the banana between the feet over the back"  event at the I.B.C. Picnic and Games!  

The BANANA CLUB was a part of the very FIRST "DOO DAH" Parade in Pasadena, CA  A crazy event prior to the Rose Parade.

Above...Ken T.B. shares all kinds of Banana tips and tricks three times a day at the Orange County Fair in California.

Membership is a privilege in 

this Bunch!  Send your 15 dollar check to Ken, T.B.

and indicate the title you want Then, tell  us where to send your B.C. kit .  Do it today!  

San Diego Union full page feature on the 

International Banana Club 

To the right !  proof of the "Banana Flambé " event performed by Hollywood stunt man Lee Wadell, S.B. (Stunt Banana) at Arcadia Park in Arcadia, CA.  Yes, we secured an "open burn" permit from the fire department so when the police showed up there was no problem !   Lee has his capable crew put out the flames, and he successfully got his message to the T.B. in the hot banana!   His incentive was a MASTER OF BANANISTRY MEDAL to perform the stunt.  

The "BANANA FLAMBE" at the I.B.C. Picnic by Lee Wadell,M.B.

Hollywood Stuntman at the Arcadia Park in Arcadia, CA 

The kids dong the "Draw & Peel" contest at a Von's grocery store in Pasadena, CA.  We conducted these kinds of events at NO CHARGE!

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Above is an event at a Von's supermarket with the kids coloring the banana club IBC logo contest at Von's   

Karl Heitz, M.B., PhB received his medals in Las Vegas, NV back in 1980.  He was the U.S Distributor of Gitzo Tripod Co.

Above, T.B. gives a positive banana lecture to 2nd  grade class

I.B.C. "Stems & Stumps" game at an Azusa grade school

Even Gary knows recognition is important and appreciated! He is a retired executive of the 3 M company.  10.0 GENT!

​Join this bunch today!  Go to the membership page or just click the "Buy Now" button and use your card to get the card you should never be without!  You can now use Paypal and your CC!  Click the button above next to the kids photos.

T.B. entertaining a typical group visiting the Intl. Banana Club Museum in Hesperia, CA.  We never charged a dime to visit!

Just some of the bunch who enjoyed and took part in ONE of the I.B.C.

picnic and games!  Everyone has a great time & it's always FREE to all!

To the left is coverage of the California State Fair in Sacramento during the Intl. BANANA CLUB GAMES!  For ten days, four times a day the Banana Club games were conducted by the T.B. Ken Bannister. There were also over 500 of the Banana Museum items displayed in the kids building.  Sponsored by Lucky Stores and Chiquita!

A smashing success documented by the organizers and the

CA Governor! The media covered the

games on several different days!

Banana Club

The Banana Club appeals to all ages.

We inform B.C. membership in the local area when a TV crew will shoot for a show.  This was one of many features photographed  at the Harrison Building on Main Street at 3rd in Hesperia.

                Please review the "Publicity" page.

Since 1972 we have sponsored and conducted, or been a part of numerous events and activities.  All with the objective of entertaining with emphasis on the positive.  Our purpose is to keep people smiling!  The Banana Club Picnic and Games has been covered by the media because the events are hilarious!  ALL AT NO CHARGE TO EVERYONE!

We have organized major mall events to attract business and TB has given scores of Banana lectures to promote and extol the many virtues of the fruit and the B.C.

We have been featured in parades and appeared in several Fairs conducting the B.C. games. etc.  We have been featured on over 106 TV shows all over the world!

INTERNATIONAL ​​FAMOUS Professional Photographers with T.B. 

Doug Gifford,M.Photog.Cr,  Bob Bronson ,Mark Beatie, M.Photog.Cr. Mark was an original member of the Banana Club and one of the first M.B. and PHB's (Master and Doctorate of Bananistry) Both Bob and Mark have passed.

 L.A. Children's  Museum ... Banana Decor competition.   Top Banana present

Banana Bonnet  contest at Orange County Fair in CA

The "Stems and Stumps" like the checker game

The B.C. Logo coloring contest at one of our picnics, and ..HERBIE was sent by the Walt Disney company to attend our event!  We have star power!                           " 

Above is Rick Dees - famous Radio personality and D.J., Miss International Banana Club .. Genene , the T.B. Ken, and ANNA BANANA from Canada who conducts the Banana Olympics every year in Canada.  All participated in a major Mall promotion.

We have lots of  FUN and good times at all events and activities ! This was at the

Orange County Fair in CA.

Years ago we used to participate in parades.  The best known was the BANANA FESTIVAL parade in Fulton, KY.  T.B. Ken was invited to ride in the parade in a convertible and then serve cups of fresh banana pudding from the featured 2,000 LB. BANANA PUDDING along with the Lt. Governor in the park!  The whole town of Fulton KY and South Fulton,TN used to go bananas for a week every year!

YEARS AGO, we (The International Banana Club) set the world record for the most bananas displayed at a Von's grocery store in Arcadia, CA.  Since then, the record has been broken.   THANKS to Chiquita Bananas and Von's grocery stores!

Above is the funniest event ! :  The "DRAW & PEEL"  First one to hoist the banana without the peel (in tact) wins the heat!

We conduct a TWO minute banana eating contest and the record is EIGHTEEN held by Michael Gallen of AUS.

Above, Kyle E., J.H.D.,T.B.G. is cracking up to some of the T.B. 's information about bananas!

Above is the reaction to the "Banana Man" at the conclusion of his brief, positive lecture to the 2nd grade class (Mrs. Erickson's class) at Asension Lutheran School in CA. The visit is always positive!


WATCH THIS VIDEO shot for a TV show. Josh Helmuth interviews the Top Banana Man at the International Banana Club Headquarters & Museum in Hesperia, CA.  Josh now produces

other shows and is the T.J.B.  

Above is press coverage of the Banana Club "Stems and Stumps" competition at the CA. STATE FAIR in Sacramento. T.B. Ken explaining the "Banana Club "DRAW & PEEL" game to the kids above left.

To the left are copies of mall posters displayed throughout the ARCADIA FASHION PARK MALL (CA) during a "GO BANANAS for Mother's Day promotion.  Photo contest, games, etc. were conducted and were a smashing success! 

​Coach Rich Hill, M.B.,PHB. is the head baseball coach at the University of San Diego. He is the  recepient of the "BANANISTER AWARD". This is the highest award presented in our Club.  Coach Hill has developed players like Kris Bryant (Rookie of the year in 2015)  of the Chicago Cubs and FIFTY of his players have signed professional contracts since 2010.  He is known and considered one of the very best college baseball coaches in the U.S.  In fact, this year he will log ONE THOUSAND VICTORIES AS HEAD COLLEGE COACH!  This is Hill's Thirty third year as a Division ONE Head baseball Coach!

Banana Club activities and events !