HUNDREDS of feature Newspaper articles around the world highlight the museum & the Intl. Banana Club over the past FOURTY THREE YEARS and the club is still going strong in (2017)

Guinness Photo in 2005 when we set the RECORD of "The most items devoted to any one fruit in the WORLD!" (17,000)  See the GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY BOOK of 2005.  The IBC Collection is now in the I.B.M in the city of Mecca, CA.

​photo taken at the Altadena, CA location by the Guinness photographer (35 years at this site)

PUBLICITY  for the International Banana Club and Museum!  

See the "I.B.C. For Sale" page if you are interested in purchasing the best marketing vehicle and organization available today for the price of only ONE TV commercial!  Use this club to grow your business and build customer loyalty! All publicity over the past FOURTY YEARS was FREE!  Media loves this bunch! We continue to get requests to do TV shows and documentaries of the Club!   Anyone can still join the club, we are still active in our 46th year! Just click the "BUY NOW" button on the membership page and use any credit card!

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"Marawa the Amazing" visits IBC Headquarters 10/30/17 to document the I.B.C. collection and history for the Guiness Book of World Records in a FACEBOOK LIVE interview with Ken T.B.  : )   


Brief video by TV crew at the Hesperia, CA site of the International Banana Club

Museum. (At this site four years)

Just some of the books that include the story of the International Banana Club and Museum (since 1972)

REMEMBER your BANANA DAY is September 10th !  This date was declared by famous writer/photographer JIM CORNFIELD.

Above is the T.J.B. (TOP JOURNALIST BANANA) Josh Helmuth with "Top Banana Man" Ken at conclusion of TV "shoot".

All types of MAGAZINES have published feature articles about the International Banana Club! (In seventeen countries)

Publicity on all media has always been a FEATURE on the Banana Club and the IBC Museum for the past 44 years!

FEATURE articles in dozens of National Magazines like "PEOPLE" over the past 45 years !  The Banana Club BRAND has been established world-wide!

​FEATURE seven minute appearance on the TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno ! (Kelly Lynch & Brooks and Dunn were the other guests)

FEATURE articles and photos on the International  Banana Club & Museum have been published in twelve different books and hundreds of magazines!

The Guinness people from England documented the International Banana Club Museum collection in 2005

and we were included in the records book in 2005.  See Cover of the Golden Anniversary 2005 book to the left.

Hundreds of full page FEATURE articles about the Intl. BANANA CLUB and museum have been published by both Newspapers and Magazines over the past FOURTY  years  all around the WORLD!!

Below is the FIRST feature article in the Orange County Register in 1976!  Other articles appeared previously.

Hundreds of FULL PAGE FEATURES on the Banana Club !

FULL PAGE FEATURE articles on the Banana Club and Museum in magazines around the world!

WE GOT QUITE A WELCOME TO HESPERIA WHEN WE MOVED THE HQT. of the International BANANA CLUB MUSEUM from Altadena to Hesperia, CA in 2006.  

T.B. Ken on the Banana Club couch in the Altadena, CA  site which was the International  Banana Club Headquarters for 35 years!  Visited by thousands of people from all parts of the world at NO CHARGE!

YOU CAN JOIN THIS FUN, POSITIVE BUNCH BY GOING TO THE MEMBERSHIP PAGE or Click the Paypal "BUY NOW" button on the membership page and use   ANY CREDIT CARD!  JUST DO IT! ​(find the "BUY NOW" button above next to the "Woddis News" photo.

                                            TB  Ken              John O'Hurley

Ken, T.B. doing one of the 105 T.V. "shoots' over the years. The media featured us because we have a good purpose!

Hundreds of full page FEATURE articles circulated around the WORLD on SEVERAL occasions!  Most via press agencies! This was an Associated Press story!

This video "You Otta Know" pretty much says

it all.  Jim did this TV

interview at the Hesperia, CA Intl. Banana Museum


Ken, T.B. and ABC EYE WITNESS NEWS reporter giving the B.C. "Hand Sign" In this case, it means what's up or maybe yes here   we are!

Ken, T.B. and 40 year member Bob Perone, MB,PHB both flash the I.B.C. hand sign to greet photographers at a professional photographic trade show.  Bob was the Vice President (and one owner) of the Photic Color Lab in San Diego and was a living legend in the industry. He was also a successful High School Football Coach too! We miss him.

Master of Bananistry Medals are presented from the Intl. Banana Club by Ken, T.B.  We send news releases to the media and they publish the news. Above are three recipients with article reprints.

WE arranged MAJOR SHOPPING MALL PROMOTIONS which were HITS !  Most of the retail stores tied in and the Banana Club Games and a Photo Contest was incorporated to attract shoppers!  It was a BLAST!  The Banana Club attracts all!