The smiling Banana Club logo was designed by Bud Willis of So. California

back in 1972. He observed Ken (TB) standing with his hands on his hips with a big smile on his face and WALLA!  A registered trade mark since the early 70's.

The I.B.C.

membership kit

Wod-dis is the Banana Club password and serves as a "hello" or how are you doing?, what's up?, etc.  Depends on the tone of your voice and the expression on your face!  (Hold your hand at a right angle

with your fore finger pinching your thumb) fingers in line and arm up. This is the  B.C. hand sign which can mean hello, etc.  


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This is an official Guinness Book video 11/17

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Eccentric TV video shot on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood shows TB Ken promoting the fruit! Title is:  "Banana Man on the street"

Above video produced by Casey K.

Each LIFETIME membership is just $10 plus $5 for S&H.  Just hit the button above to use any credit card via palpal.  Make sure you indicate or select a title if you want one. You must email direct to T.B. for your title at  Woddis! (SECURE SITE)

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You can earn a medal and degree in "Bananistry"  (M.B. Master of Bananistry) or (PHB.. Doctorate of Bananistry) in this bunch by just sending tasteful items to do with bananas!  Remember, it's all just for FUN!  

I.B.C. Ribbons were given to ALL who competed in the CA. State Fair Banana Club games & contests!   EVERYONE smiled and had a great time! ALL FREE!

1982  Drawing of T.B. by Bob Fisk of New York

TB and the International Banana Club has been featured on over 104 TV shows around the world as well as every major newspaper and magazine.  Twelve books too!   : )

Just for "fun"  Club since  1972 An Organization!

The Banana Club membership card is the card you don't leave home without!  It is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyones face when you show it!  The power of this card is amazing.  Present it to any clerk or server and with a smile on your face just say "you take the Banana Club card don't you?" If nothing else, you will get good service! If you ask in a positive tone and say "you give the Banana Club discount right?" Very funny responses, but on occasion you will get a discount!  You just have to ask.  At hotels, you show the card and ask for the no charge Banana Club upgrade. It works! (not all the time).

If and when you get stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation, you simply hold up the B.C. card with your license and proof of Insurance and say "no tickets  please officer, Banana Club!" Remember to smile wide and speak in a positive tone. The T.B. has had this work on six different occasions!  Yes, this is the card you need in your wallet!

This bunch is big on recognition for the members of the Club!  All you need to do is send tasteful things to the T.B. and keep tract of your B.M's! (Banana Merits) Verbal numbers you keep track of, and when you reach 100 you write T.B. & and ask for the M.B. medal!

This is the card you don't leave home without!  NOW YOU CAN USE PAYPAL! (below) Members have reported saving hundreds of dollars by just showing the card anywhere!

T.B. Ken and the TBW (Top Banana's wife Christina)

at the I.B.C. Museum in Hesperia, CA 

​Now, you will need to go to Mecca,CA to see all the bananas.  WE made the International Banana Museum FAMOUS AROUND THE WORLD for over FOURTY- TWO YEARS! WE set the WORLD RECORD for the most items devoted to any one fruit  with


RECOGNITION is available with the M.B. (Master of Bananistry) and the PHB (Doctorate of Bananistry) degrees with Medals for simply sending tasteful items or articles to do with bananas!  Hundreds of Medals have been GIVEN by the I.B.C. to members!

Lifetime membership kit with your title of choice !  You will also get banana tips!  Order an extra kit for a friend or family member as a unique gift !  GET THE CARD that you don't leave home without!  A few other stickers and info will be sent as available plus.


Ken Bannister, T.B.

Intl. Banana Club Headquarters

14012 Siesta Dr.

Apple Valley,  CA  U.S.A  92307

To the left is Dr. Ken Marten

of Temple City, CA. and his 

daughter.  Ken is a well known

and respected Chiropractor

and Teacher in Temple City, CA 

School District. He is a M.B. and

PHB in the Banana Club...

and he is proud of his awards!

Dr. Ken is also the T.C.B. 


He has the BEST LAUGH in the 

whole world!  Look him up! 

We guarantee you will get a kick out of showing your BANANA CLUB card and asking for discounts and special treatment!  Hundreds of members have reported how everyone smiles when the card is presented! (SAVE MONEY!)

We ask for a discount on everything everywhere! You won't always get it, but it pays to ask with a smile on your face and a positive tone in your voice as you show the card! You will get your membership fee back in the first month or so with savings given!  

We also suggest you eat one banana daily. We do, and always have!  It's a meal in a peel. The best snack you can find at the right price everywhere.  The bright yellow curvaceous fruit has about 98 calories, Vitamins A,B, B1,B2, B6, C, tryptophan, no fat, and some fiber!  They don't squeak, leak or squirt!!  They come in a bio degradable wrapper you can shine your shoes with!  Treat insect bites and reduce skin bruises. You can even brighten your teeth with the inside of the peel.  Then, bury the peels in your rose garden, they work like miracle grow!  

Most people select a title like C.H.D. (City Hand Director .. in charge of a bunch) or F.D. (Finger charge off themselves) Your call !

Any title you wish as long as it is in good taste.

We, the Bananisters invite YOU to join the International Banana Club!  JUST $10 for a one time LIFETIME membership!  Select the title

of your choice, and become one of the bunch!

You can select any title you wish, but most members are  C.H.D. 's (City Hand Directors ... in charge of a bunch! ) or  F.D.'s (Finger charge of themselves! ).  We have lots of creative titles like L.B. (Legal Banana), D.B.'s (Doctor Bananas), A.B.'s (Accountant Bananas), T.B.'s (Top Bananas) etc.  So pick one you like and put that title on your membership card and then on your business cards, your email, envelopes, etc. People will ask! And, you will make people smile!  WRITE Ken at: BANANASTB@AOL.COM for your title.